If you find yourself consistently eating out, relying on processed foods or running through the drive-thru, you may be concerned about meeting the nutritional needs of your family.

And if you or your children are suffering from developmental delays, ADHD, diabetes, obesity, or digestive issues, you may be really concerned.

Honestly, our culture moves so fast, it’s hard to slow down and research the best options for our family. Let me sit down with you and let’s talk about how you can:

  • Identify the best foods for your family based on their unique needs
  • Create a special diet to support your¬†health concerns
  • Make simple lifestyle changes to be able to provide healthy foods
  • Integrate new, healthier foods into your diet
  • Cook recipes that are easy, time-saving, and kid-approved
  • Pack healthy foods for snacks and lunches
  • Help your picky eater to transition to foods that support his growth and development
  • Slowly and gently replace old habits with new, health-supporting habits
  • Reduce chemical and toxin exposures in the home to support healthy living

If you’ve tried a variety of diets and been disappointed with the results, you will be pleasantly surprised when you work with me. You will get personalized attention to help you be successful not only in choosing what will work, but also in how to ¬†implement it step by step so it’s doable for your lifestyle.

In our first consultation, we will discuss your unique situation in depth and determine how I can help you reach your personal goals. We will discuss each family member and their unique needs and tastes. Even in this first session, you will see how an individualized, done-for-you approach can help you to reach your health goals in a way that is very doable.

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